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In light of the recent events related to the Facebook data breach, the spread of misinformation, and the value of personal data, you're invited to a small group discussion about "Big Scary Data." Your input to the conversation will help us plan for future Moonshot Nights, as well as identify opportunities for us to work together to invent the future.

Attendees will enjoy adult beverages and heavy appetizers while chatting with Peter Knowlton of the SXSW award-winning online security company, Ghostery.

PANEL, FEB 22, 2018 -


Moonshot Orbit: A full-circle experience with all 4 past speakers

Join us for a night to go full-circle with all four of our past amazing visioneers: Frank Patterson, President of Pinewood Studios, Jeremiah Murphy, PhD Astrophysics, Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at FSU Medical School, and Mk Haley, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Disney Imagineer.

Missed any Moonshot Nights? This is your chance to get it ALL in one night.

Each speaker will speak for 10-15 mins on their original topic including any current or forthcoming changes in their industry and then all four will participate in a panel discussion about how artificial intelligence will impact their field.

MK HALEY, OCT 21, 2017 -


When WHAT you do affects who you are, and when HOW you do it has the potential to impact the world.

Join us for the September Moonshot Night to explore how the history and expertise of Themed Entertainment Design can contribute to the development of Transformative Experiences.

It’s well understood that experiences make us happier than things, and that humans are naturally altruistic. What are the opportunities in the marketplace for Transformative Experiences that not only strive to make the world a better place, but positively impact each individual participant as well?

"That's what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination and instill hope again, and again, and again.” - Walt Disney

Speaker: Mk Haley, Former FSU Entrepreneur in Residence & Disney Imagineer

Mk Haley has been with The Walt Disney Company since 1994 serving primarily with Walt Disney Imagineering in both technical and creative roles with the Virtual Reality teams, R&D, Special FX, Show Quality Services, and the Disney Research Labs.

She is also the Entrepreneur in Residence in the FSU College of Fine Arts working in an exciting new informal area of study focusing on Environmental Storytelling.

NON-PROFIT SHOWCASE: Attendees will meet and greet some of the non-profit resources in our community that you may not know about. Each booth visit earns another chance to win a FREE DAY with Mk and 2 more of your guests at a Disney Park where you'll get to see the power of sharing transformational experiences firsthand.*


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